Security Guard Services



Security needs are fluid, they vary from site to site. Our security guard services are offered on short term or long term basis depending on the needs of our clients. Snoop Investigations Security officers are custom trained professionals who understand this position and execute it ethically, honestly and with integrity.

We implement the right personnel, who have been trained Management of Aggressive Behavior, Crisis Management and Emergency Response Preparedness. Our Security Officers are ready on day one to handle your security needs. They will be ready to protect you, your staff and your facility so you can focus on what you do best, running your business.

  • Our Security Officers monitor and patrol your facility, ready to respond quickly and effectively in any situation.

  • All Security Officers are trained in Behavioral Management, Crisis Management and de-escalation programs ensuring all encounters will be conducted safely.

  • Up to date technology tools are used to track patrols, communicate with staff and record incidents in real time.

  • Log reports are provided to help you evaluate the effectiveness of our team and the security at your facility.