About Us


Snoop Security officers are custom trained professionals who understand this position and execute it ethically, honestly and with integrity.

We implement the right personnel, who have been trained in Management of Aggressive Behavior, Crisis Management and Emergency Response Preparedness. Our Security Officers are ready on day one to handle your security needs. They will be ready to protect you, your staff, and your facility so you can focus on what you do best, running your business.

Why Snoop?

  • Security Guard Specialized Training:


    • Biannual Staff and Security Guard Training
      • Emergency Response Training
      • De-escalation: The Alternative Weapon
      • NYS Security Guard License Compliance


  • Customized Site Management:


    • Site Dedicated Account Manager
      • Scheduling- FIND MY SHIFT (Cloud based scheduling system)
      • The client has 24/7 access to view who is on site.
      • Vacation / Sick time management
      • Time and attendance records – GEO fencing
      • Reminders and notifications sent directly to guard staff
      • Automated time tracking
      • Random onsite compliance visits
      • Ensure post orders are in place, up to date and being followed by guards
      • Managing human resources needs for the guard staff
      • Liaison with home office on daily activities and events


  • State of the Art Cloud Based Reporting System:


    • Officer Reports
      • Live tracker- pinpoint location of officer at any given time
      • Online reporting
        • Live time incident reporting
        • Daily activity report (log report)




    • QR / Virtual tag codes – time stamped check points




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