Loss Prevention



Snoop Security is the leader in retail security for the Hudson Valley. Our guards are trained to have a strong presence while maintaining a professional, friendly, customer-centric demeanor.



Why Snoop?

  • Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Services
  • Random quality control visits
  • Maintain documentation of all Loss Prevention activities
  • Collaborate with Law Enforcement to investigate and solve external theft or fraud cases
  • Recommend improvements in Loss Prevention programs, staffing, scheduling and training
  • Provide recommendations and solutions in crisis situations such as; workplace violence, protests and demonstrations
  • Personal Item Search & Evaluation Training
  • Investigate and/or interview individuals suspected of shoplifting or internal theft
  • Verify correct use and maintenance of physical security systems such as; closed circuit television, merchandise tags and burglar alarms
  • Train Loss Prevention staff, retail managers, and store employees on loss control and prevention measures
  • Coordinate theft and fraud investigations involving career criminals or organized group activities
  • Identify potential for loss and develop strategies to reduce shrink numbers
  • Recommend systems and programs to reduce loss, maintain inventory control or increase safety
  • Analyze retail data to identify current or emerging trends in fraud
  • Assess security news across locations to ensure proper deployment of loss Prevention resources such as staff and technology
  • Private Investigations



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